About us

With over 20 years in digital, we are passionate about great customer experience. We dig beneath your data to answer the ‘why’ of human behaviours.

Our aim is to help you gain valuable insight from your customers and build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with them, whilst supporting your business ambitions.

Our agency’s customer-centric approach encompasses digital strategy, journey mapping, usability, customer research and testing, ensuring your website, interface, app or digital service achieves its goals.

Why are we different?

We offer:

  • Practical and customer-centric approach
  • Answers to the ‘why’ of customer behaviour
  • Straightforward and results-focussed advice
  • Bags of energy and experience

We can help you:

  • Boost sales or streamline costs
  • Grow the lifetime value of your customer
  • Make your brand memorable
  • Remove customer pain points

We ask your customers:

  • What do they need and why?
  • How they would use it and when?
  • How can we make a good experience ‘wow’?
  • What more do they want to remain loyal?

Passionate about ‘wow’ customer experience

Glyn and Becky

With over 20 years’ online experience, our UK-based team knows how to plan and how to give honest and straightforward advice that can make a difference.

Our founders, Glyn Dore and Becky Dempsey, have exemplary track records as digital specialists in online product development and customer engagement.

Glyn’s credits include an early career in digital agencies, before moving to Experian to expand his skills in direct channel marketing. Most recently he has grown a fledgling ecommerce business to become a UK market leader. He has sales and business conversion at the heart of his skillset.

Becky’s background in marketing and digital agencies, managing clients in a variety of sectors and of all sizes means she is perfectly positioned to look after your needs and get the results you are looking for. Her communications skills are her stalwart feature, and her wide-ranging marketing background, across all major media, allows her to see issues from a strategic perspective.

Our clients

We have worked with some brilliant businesses. Get in touch to hear what your customers have to say.