UX Strategy

“User interface is a fork. User experience is feeling full.”
- Whitney Hess

Our approach

We believe it is possible to hit business objectives whilst giving your users or customers a great experience. We work with you to plan your digital strategy, with your goals in mind. Making sure that the strategy is user-focussed will set you up for success from the outset, with KPIs in place to measure performance.

Customer-focussed objectives

Your goals may be multi-faceted, or singular; examples include using digital channels to lower costs, increasing revenue through digital, raising your customer satisfaction scores or achieving broader brand awareness. Putting your users at the heart of the strategy will lead to long-term thinking and, potentially, a change in your organisation’s culture.

Getting the right balance

So often, the user or customer is lost or forgotten in planning, and the organisation’s internal processes are set out as a starting place. Alternatively, you may think that users want functionality and channels to be developed, but have no proof of demand. This can lead to short-term thinking, flawed design and user dissatisfaction. Using our approach, your KPIs become the output which embodies a new way of thinking – one that is user- or customer-centric.